One Page Webshop

With the One Page Shop you provide your customers an easy and secure way to purchase products, subscriptions and services online.


All on one page

Shopping and payment processes happen all on the same page, reducing bounce rate.

Mobile optimized

Your customers can purchase on any mobile device. From smartphones to tablets or laptops.

Many payment options

Provide the most important  payment options worldwide.

Quick processing

Transactions are quickly processed online.

Shopping cart

Provide your customers with a clear overview of their selected products.

Personal URL

Create your personal URL with your name or your business’s name. Share it across all online channels such as your social media or website.

Products and services

Sell your products and services on one page.


Sell products

You can sell an unlimited amount of products from just one to thousands. Your products can be easily customized, thanks to numerous setup features.

Provide services

Enable payments for your services. For example, workshop fees, fitness subscriptions, consultation meetings, tutorials and many more.

Individually customizable

With the form wizard you can request customers to fill out specific information depending on your requirements such as customer's age or upload documents such as their passport copy.


If you run a non-profit organization or rely on donations to keep your business afloat, Payrexx makes receiving donations a smooth process.


One-time donations

Integrate Payrexx tool into your website and let contributors to donate. Payrexx URL can also be shared on social media, reaching more donors.

Recurring donations

Offer your contributors a ‘recurring donation’ option. The card details need to be entered only once, and after charges will occur automatically within selected periods.

Project-related donations

Are there several non-profit projects your organization is running? Let your contributors to donate for a specific project. You can also provide more info about each project by uploading pictures and adding description.

Acceptance of payments & donations is easy

Get started in 3 steps!


Set up One Page Shop

Firstly, you can set up your One Page Shop which takes just a few clicks.


Share One Page Shop

Send One Page Shop link to your customers or integrate your One Page Shop or a donation form into your website. 


Payment confirmed

It’s as simple as that! The payment has been processed and confirmed.