Virtual POS

Turn any web browser into a portable POS terminal and enable your customers to pay quickly and easily.


Easy and quick sales process

Accept payments on PC, tablet or smartphone. No matter what device you or your customers use, Payrexx has you covered.

Any payment provider

According to your preferences, you may combine the most important payment providers and payment methods within a single checkout.

100% digital solution

Immediate payment confirmation via email are sent to you and your customers.

Increase your revenue

Grow your business online with our efficient and easy to use POS system. Collecting money has never been more simple.

Save money

You don't need to purchase an expensive credit card terminal. Now, you can obtain one at no cost.

Personal URL

To open the POS terminal, you will receive a personal link that can be sent to your customers.

Point of sale (POS)

Sell more and increase your customer base.


Credit card reader

Use Payrexx Virtual POS at the point of sale as a modern credit card reader on your smartphone or tablet. Why our credit card reader offers great value? It’s lightweight, needs little space and can process payments anytime, anywhere. Given there is an internet connection, there are no further limits.

Credit cards

Payments by credit card take no longer than cash transactions. Cashless payment are convenient for both you and the customer. Customer credit card can be scanned in seconds allowing the payment to be processed quickly and easily.

Applicable anywhere

Acceptance of payments is possible anywhere your customers are – whether at a restaurant table, taxi, home delivery, warehouse or online.


Solution for mail order and telephone orders.


Telephone, email, post

Accept payments easily by post, telephone and fax. For payments by credit card enter the credit card number, expiration date and card security code.

Immediate payment overview

All transactions, accepted payments and statistics can be found in the Payrexx account. All the details are provided in realtime.

Broad application

With the Payrexx MOTO solution you receive the convenient option to accept payments by telephone and orders received by email or post.

Accepting payments is easy

Get started in 3 steps!


Set up a Virtual POS

You can personally set up your Virtual POS. Among many options, you can also decide which payment options you would like to offer to your customers.


Share your Virtual POS

Send a Payrexx link to your customers or use it directly at the point of sales. Credit card details can then be entered by you or your customer.


Payment confirmed

The payment has been processed and confirmed.